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After nearly 10 years, Valley Coop will be closing its doors on February 1, 2020.

Until then orders can be picked up on Thursdays and Saturdays; pickup will no longer be possible on Fridays.

Valley Co-op is a member-owned cooperative that specializes in providing our community with local and healthy products.

Our new home is at  the back of the Historic City Farmer’s Market, at 25 W. Church St, Hagerstown, MD! There, we hope to re-energize the market and the downtown area, as well as let more people know that we’ve been in Washington County since 2010!

We provide easy access to local suppliers’ products including fresh seasonal produce, grass-fed meats, pastured birds, locally grown tilapia, fresh eggs, organic dairy products, local bakery bread, local honey, and cosmetic products.


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our buying club

Currently Valley Co-op is operating as an online buying club, where only members can place orders. We are proud to provide local suppliers with a market, and our customers the opportunity to pick up a variety of local products at a single location.

Becoming a member of the Valley Co-op Buying Club is easy and costs only $35 per year. You’ll be able to use our online ordering system that allows convenient access to hundreds of local products, and you have a say in what we carry and how we are run!  Join today! If your membership is lapsed there is no need to rejoin: just contact us at membership@valleycoop.org.

Our longer term objective is to open as a regular store where anyone can buy a variety of local food and healthy products off our shelves. Subscribe to our newsletter (box at left) or follow us on Facebook to keep abreast of our news.

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our mission

The mission of the Valley Co-op is to improve the physical, social, and economic health of our local communities by providing access to healthful foods, locally produced.

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Have more questions? Check out our FAQs, read more about us, learn how to join, or discover how to place an orderContact us with more questions.

want to help

Valley Co-op is always looking for members to help with our outreach and marketing events! Please sign-up to volunteer for these community events! Contact our Operations Manager to get started!