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Working towards our Co-op Future

Posted on by Susan

Big plans are in the works for 2012, and we’re counting on everyone to make them happen! It’s time for us to become a formal business so that we can offer taxable products such as cleaning products. It’s time for Valley Co-op to roll out a newer version of of the ordering software, develop a marketing plan, improve our physical space, and raise funds for the next phase of our growth.

What talents do YOU have to contribute toward making the Co-op a success? Come to our General Membership Meeting on Sunday, November 13, or contact us to be a part of this exciting process!


  1. Cliff Lane says:

    This is a big step that is due serious consideration and a full understanding of the additional workload that will follow. I am not against expansion of what is offered, I would benefit, but we need to be aware of all that that means to those few that are carrying the load.

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