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Introducing Waltz Family Farm

This order cycle will be the first to carry Waltz Family Farm meat products.   I had the pleasure of meeting Laurie Waltz at their farm to see for myself how a small family farm truely operated.  The Waltz Family is located in Leitersburg and their livestock is spread among many acres owned by extended Waltz family members.

Their beef is a mix of dairy and beef cattle from a variety of breeds.  They are raised on a combination of grain and grass and are on pasture all the time.  Waltz pork is raised in a covered barn.  Although the swine are confined, they have amble room to roam in the barn and they have fully opened sides for fresh air to blow through.  The Waltz’s are working on changing the configuration of their setup to allow their pigs to get pasture time in the future.

The sheep and lambs on the Waltz farm are found wandering on many rolling acres of pasture.  Babies are hanging out with their mothers; it was a beautiful sight.  Laurie introduced me to one lamb that she is bottle feeding who was a voracious eater.  It was apparent that these animals get great attention.

The Waltz’s are offering beef, pork and lamb this order cycle.  Bundle packs of meat are also available, at great prices.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Laurie at  More information about their production practices can be found under the Producer Info section of VCShop.

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