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Get to Know a Supplier: Legacy Manor Farm

Posted on by Susan

One of the main missions of Valley Co-op (VC) is to really get to know our suppliers of food “…to inspire our members to make informed choices.”  Many consumers do not have an idea of what it really takes to get that steak or egg to the table.  We are fortunate to have many suppliers willing to talk with us and educate VC members to make the best choices for their needs.   Katherine Ecker is one such supplier/farmer who owns and runs Legacy Manor Farms with her family and who serves as one of our four main meat suppliers.  Katherine frequently volunteers side-by-side with many members of VC at the church giving us a great opportunity to get to know her and ask her questions about her farm.   Here is a bit more to know:

Katherine is originally from Howard County where she had a small 35 acre farm.  Her children participated in 4-H and she started researching various breeding stock of beef.  In 1999, they moved to Washington County and started Legacy Manor Farm on 400 acres in Boonsboro (very close to Sharpsburg).  They chose to focus on heritage breeds of animals to distinguish themselves apart from factory farmed, commercially raised animals, plus “It’s the Way Food Used to Taste!”

Legacy Manor sells pasture raised pork, beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, and goat.  The pigs are Black Hog and Old Spot crossed with Berkshire.  There are three types of beef available to consumers: pure Angus, pure Wagyu and Angus/Wagyu crosses.  Heritage breeds of turkeys are:  Broad breasted Bronze, Narragansett, and Beltsville.  The farm also offers eggs from chicken, quail and goose.  Depending on the year, they will offer limited produce.

Pigs and Cattle on Pasture

All livestock are raised without added hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics.   The animals are free to roam and intermingle on acres of pasture.  Katherine explains that they make hay and silage for their cattle and sheep, which is needed for rough years when pasture just isn’t enough.   Katherine has a huge heart for all her animals. I have personally seen the connection she makes with her livestock.  It is clear to me that this kind of compassion can certainly not be found on a large factory farm.

Pasture chickens at Legacy Manor. Note the replica Dunker Church in the background, the site of an Antietam reenactment

Katherine is proud that they work closely with their meat processor to ensure their products are prepared without any unwanted fillers or preservatives such as nitrates and MSG.   After trying many processors in she found the best working relationship with “Nell’s” A.K.A Stoney Point Farmer Markets in Littlestown PA, a small family owned business for generations who was willing to accommodate her requests of specific cuts and processing.  It is Katherine’s goal to offer “good, clean food.”

Legacy Manor has been a supplier for Valley Co-op since we started three years ago.  Because Katherine sells her products to several other Food Clubs and Co-ops locally and around Washington D.C., she has been a valuable advisor because she is familiar with how they successfully (or unsuccessfully) operate.   She likes how VC functions since suppliers can build relationships with members; she frequently promotes VC at her markets.  Katherine feels it is better business that she gets to know folks and provide the products they desire.

If you would like to learn more about Legacy Manor’s products or practices, visit them at or contact Katherine at:



  1. Jane Bussard says:

    Great article Susan. Thank you for a thorough introduction to Legacy Manor Farm. Our family enjoys their beef products.

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