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Recycling at the VC Store

Reducing our store’s contribution to landfills and other waste streams is one goal of Valley Co-op.  We encourage our members to choose reusable containers and bags over options that may not be reusable, or worse recyclable.

The following can be recycled/reused at the store. 

Please drop them at our Recycling Spot near the front door:
-6 oz clean yogurt cups for seedlings by our suppliers
-Clear, clean jars without labels, pint and quarts.($1 credit for acceptable jars; see below)
-Egg cartons, clean condition

-Berry boxes
-Toothpaste tubes, rinsed with caps
-Energy Bar wrappers
Guidelines for Returning Glass Jars
We have resumed accepting specific glass jars, offering $1 for each jar returned.  To receive the credit, each jar must:

  • be clear glass with no labels
  • absolutely clean
  • pint or quart size mason-style or peanut butter round.
  • regular or wide-mouth openings with continuous threads
  • lids are okay, but not required.

Please tell the cashiers when you bring in jars so they can ensure they are the correct type.  Any jars that do not meet our needs can be recycled at the store.

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