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Some Buzz on DIY Cold Brewed Coffee

SMCR CoffeeThe latest buzz in the coffee world is cold-brewed coffee. I first heard of cold-brewed coffee about 15 years ago but after a short but frenzied period of hype, cold-brewed coffee’s 15 minutes of fame passed.

Now with many coffee shops attempting to increase sales, cold-brewed coffee is again in the spotlight. Cold brewed coffee is not iced coffee. Iced coffee is just like iced tea – a hot liquid poured over ice. Cold Brewed coffee is never heated and unlike hot brewed coffee it takes about 12 hours to brew. The resulting liquid is less acidic (sweeter in coffee lingo) and packs more of a buzz.

If you add sugar to your coffee you will have to adapt to cold brewed coffee. Sugar just won’t completely dissolve in the cold liquid. Using honey or simple syrup works.

So just how do you cold brew coffee? Start with some Fresh Roasted Coffee available at your Valley Coop.  First the coffee needs to be ground course. For 1 qt. of cold brewed coffee measure out 1 ½ cups of whole coffee beans and grind the beans course – like you would use in a French Press. Place the ground coffee in a container (glass is best but plastic or ceramic works), add 32 oz. of water, cover with cheese cloth and let sit at room temp for 12-24 hours. Don’t rush things, closer to 24 hours the better, and stronger the brew. After the liquid and coffee has brewed decant the liquid through a coffee filter into a decanter or coffee pot.

Remember that cold brewed coffee has a bigger buzz than brewed coffee because of the higher coffee to water ration. A 10 cup pot of coffee (50oz) needs 2oz of coffee, your 32 oz. of cold brewed coffee will take a cup and a half. If you start now you’ll be sipping tomorrow.

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