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Paleo on Vacation


I just came back from the beach! It was a family vacation – two condos filled with immediate and extended family – that took us about eight hours away from the Hagerstown area. We had grand ambitions about eating and living healthily, being the models for that kind of thing with my family. And after our week away, I can honestly say that we accomplished our goal of staying on track…mostly.

Before we left on our trip, I made sure to buy some essentials: Grass-fed butter, and coconut oil, organic coffee, fresh produce that didn’t necessarily need to be refrigerated, snacks for the car, etc. When we got to our condo and unpacked, the first order of business was to find a local grocery store and do our best with buying food that would be considered “local” or “organic.” Seafood wasn’t an issue; the ocean was right there, after all. So I opted for that instead of looking for beef or poultry.


To be completely honest, we did very well. We woke up early every day and drank Bulletproof coffee. We went on walks (or runs) on the beach before breakfast and chose to eat in most of the time.  The days were spent lounging under an umbrella in the sand or poolside. Occasionally we went on an adventure, like zip-lining or a kayak tour. Our evenings were spent in the kitchen, making delicious Paleo meals instead of going out.

However, some things happened that derailed the whole Paleo thing. I got sunburned, which left me indoors more than I would have liked. Also, because the family wanted to go out to eat as the activity, I gave in to things like breaded-this or sugar filled-that. Generally, I felt kinda crappy around day five.

When we came back home, after a long nine-hour commute on I-95 and I-70, I decided I would have one last “cheat meal” (the last one of about five in rapid-fire succession). Burgers, fries and chocolate did me in.

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Here are the things I did to help with recovery after I did these awful things to myself:

For Sunburn:

Mix organic apple cider vinegar and water together (I’m not sure of the ratio; there are conflicting preferences out there) and apply to affected area. The vinegar needs to be diluted because of the high acidity. Once dry, treat your skin with coconut oil to moisturize.

For Eating Horribly:

This is something that I found just works. As mentioned above, I ate really, really, really poorly for the last couple of days on our trip. Like, truck stop fast-food bad. I needed to cleanse my system.

The first full day home I decided that I would fast all day. So, in the morning I drank a larger than average cup of Bulletproof coffee (Read previous blog post “How coffee made me healthy…”). For most of the day I went about normal activities and only drank water when thirsty. Finally, around mid-afternoon, I bought two bottles of Kombucha from Valley Co-op, poured them in a one liter stein with ice and nursed this for around an hour. Good as new-ish.

Hope this helps.


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