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It’s Chestnut Time

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Fresh local chestnuts are in season now, bursting out of their bristly pods and ready to be enjoyed in a wide variety of amazingly delicious recipes. They’re great roasted, as a snack or in your favorite stuffing  but can also be used in soups, salads, entrees, and even ravioli.  Who knew? Chestnuts can be easily ground in a food processor and their rich, sweet flour can be used in cookies, cakes, and some of the best biscotti you ever tasted. Chestnuts are chock full of vitamins and minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, and are completely gluten-free. Recipes can be found at and at other online sites.

An easy way to check if chestnuts are fresh is to put them in the sink and fill it with water. Any that float should be discarded. Chestnuts are best stored (up to 3 weeks) in the refrigerator (not in a sealed plastic bag).

store_chestnuts_medAll of Kensho Farms produce are certified organic, non GMO, grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Chestnuts were once a staple food of American settlers but disappeared from our diets when a fungal blight in the early 20th century wiped out virtually all of the  native American chestnut trees that grew from Georgia to Maine.  Varieties of chestnuts that are resistant to the blight that killed the American chestnuts have been brought to the US from Asia and Europe where these delicious nuts have never lost their popularity.


Kensho Farms in Boonsboro, MD  has been providing certified-organic kale, melons, tomatoes, and other produce as a supplier for the Valley Co-Op. John Krowka, the proprietor of Kensho Farms in Boonsboro Maryland has planted over 100 hybrid Chinese, Japanese, & European chestnut trees that are starting to come into production. In addition to producing delicious nuts, as the trees grow they will take up carbon dioxide from the air and do their part to help reduce global warming.  Stop by  the Co-Op and try some Kensho Farms chestnuts while they last. Visit Kensho Farms in person or on Facebook for regular updates.

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