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Meet a Supplier: Raw Bliss

Posted on by Susan

Dried Pineapple

Raw Bliss was started three years ago by Bob and Holly Davis, a father and daughter duo in Brunswick, MD. Their product line includes Raw Bliss Bites (organic/vegan/ raw dessert treats, did I mention they are incredibly yummy and healthy to boot?), Black Garlic, and a variety of dried fruits and nuts, such as dehydrated pineapple dipped in coconut oil and pecans with maple and orange.

Dried Watermelon

Dried Watermelon

This power duo started out at farmer’s markets, but soon found that the demand for their product was far greater than they realized. Black garlic is hard to come by, and local sourced/organic black garlic was even more unheard of in this area. Outside of West coast producers, the closest sources were New Jersey or Wisconsin! The garlic that Raw Bliss uses for their product is sourced from Summer Creek Farm, out of Thurmont, MD or Rights-of-Man Farm, located in Urbana, MD. The elephant garlic, that provides an even more mild, sweet flavor, comes out of Ribbon Road Farm in upstate New York.


Black Garlic

What is so special about black garlic, though? Outside of the various health benefits it provides, the flavor is truly amazing. The sulfur in the garlic is reduced to sugar through the fermentation process, lending it a smokey, balsamic flavor. Some people pick up on hints of licorice in it. Bob has taken to calling the sweet elephant garlic “Bob’s Black Garlic Candy”, as it is mildly reminiscent of figs!

For all of the health benefits and culinary delights to be found in Raw Bliss products, Bob and Holly are most proud of what you will NOT find in their products – NO dairy, NO un-fermented soy, NO wheat, NO gluten, NO carageenan, NO starch, and NO canola oils. Conscientious products for the discriminating gourmet, avid health nuts, or curious palates. Bob will be in the store for a tasting of their products on Saturday, February 13 at noon. So make a note to stop by and taste some yummy treats, learn more and meet Bob!

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