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Update from Annual Meeting – October 2016

Posted on by Susan

gmm_collageOn Monday, October 10, 2016 the annual General Membership Meeting of the Valley Co-op was held at Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren in Hagerstown. Over 40 member households attended, representing approximately 12% of total membership.

The presentation, titled “Can Valley Co-op Survive?” started with a review of the seven Co-operative Principles followed by a brief history, How Did We Get Here? Discussed was the option of staying open one more year with member financial support, initiatives to increase sales and ways to decrease expenses, and the option to close the store.

Members, suppliers, staff and board of directors all participated in the discussion. The discussion was encouraging and those present were in favor of staying open, offering ideas and resources. Members offered to take brochures to their small businesses, frequented places, meetings, etc., to assist in outreach.

To reach those not able to attend, look for a survey at the beginning of this week. Please fill it out even if you attended the meeting Monday. This is a critical time, so please read emails and other correspondence from Valley Co-op.

A decision will be reached by December 31 whether to keep the store open or to close the store and address the other three options proposed.


  1. pat west says:

    I’m only in Md 6 mo of the year but I joined for a year each time since you’ve been open. I also belong to common market in Frederick since 1994. I believe in your mission 300 percent. I have a 50 acre farm below Boonsboro and have survived non-hodgins lymphoma diagonosed in 1994 by the NIH. Was given 5 to 10 yrs max to live but I’m still here. been in remission for over 10 years due to life-style changes. Organic food exercise weight loss and Chinese herbs prescribed by the ‘center for traditional oriental medicine. My particular formula shrunk the tumors slowly over a 5 yr period. I had no chemo. I have been in remission for 15 years. This was before anyone believed in this approach. Even my oncologist was amazed. I was only stage 1 but was told to wait til I was stage 3-4 and then ‘ they would hit me with everything they had’. My type was always death.

    • pat west says:

      You need a better location. Maybe one like Hairport 3 is in on the dual highway. You need a decent cooler to keep the fresh veggies from wilting. More advertisement and flyers left at frequented places. I’ve sold organic beef from my farm myself but don’t like to pay for me I can’t see. It might be full of fat. I know you must wrap in waxed freezer wrap. But that’s why I don’t buy the frozen meat. Sad but true. I hope you hang in there more people want to know what their eating. All over the news. More and more $ spent on organic food every year.

  2. Charles and Barbara Ross says:

    we wanted to attend the meeting but were ill. We would love to see the store stay open; but there are some definite improvements that could be made. Will fill out the survey. Some hefty PR work is needed to beef up the awareness of the store and it’s membership.

  3. Randy & Pat Sutton says:

    We Support the Co-op Fully & hope we can Help it stay Open. Visibility is a Big Thing as we tell people to stop who have been driving by and never see it.
    Could Volunteers be used to help behind the scenes & cut Employee Expenses ??
    Please keep us posted on how things progress !!
    Many thanks,
    Pat & Randy @ Blue Ridge Longhorns

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