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Valley Co-op Summer Listening Campaign is now underway

Posted on by Susan

~first 150 conversations are being scheduled over the next few weeks~

BOD member meeting with memberYou might ask why we are taking time for conversations and the answer is simple, relationships. As we rebuild Valley Co-op, authentic relationships will be the key to success in every stage of development. Meeting face – to – face is the most effective way to start a new relationship or strengthen an existing relationship. The number one reason people give money is because a trusted person asks them to give. The number one reason people attend a meeting or volunteer is that they are asked to participate by a person they trust. Relationships are the key.

Our face–to–face meetings will benefit us in many ways:


  • More customers will shop the online market
  • More people will become permanent owner/members
  • Owner/members will invest in our future by offering personal loans
  • More people will volunteer for co-op activities
  • Annual Meeting attendance will increase
  • More people will attend our Film Nights and Community Workshops

Look for more information about our Listening Campaign in future Valley Co-op newsletters.

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