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Valley Co-op Practical Workshop: Fermenting, Part I – PICKLING Aug. 26th at the Co-op Market 9-12

Posted on by Susan

In this practical workshop, participants will learn why fermentation is and always has been important to human survival. We’ll point out the value of a healthy intestinal bacterial community, or microbiome, and how consuming fermented products can promote a healthy, disease-resistant microbiome.

Part I will focus on one of the simplest techniques for preserving food by fermentation: PICKLING.  We’ll have several stations showing how to make Fermented Dill Pickles: A basket of fresh pickling cukes, several large canning jars packed with cukes, garlic, dill heads, and a few grape leaves (for crispness), a pitcher full of brine (with measured amounts of salt and water), and a batch of pickles actively fermenting (showing bubbles).

Participants and passers-by will be able to ask questions and make comments on this process – if YOU have a favorite pickle recipe to share, bring it and share it! We’ll also have copies of at least one book on pickling that our Fermenters have found useful

For those who want to PICKLE THAT DAY: Bring a few quarts of small pickling cucumbers and enough large (quart or half-gallon) clean canning jars with fresh lids. We’ll provide locally-grown garlic, dill, and grape leaves, as well as Pickling Salt. Walk through the process with our Pickler-in-Chief, and take home your own creations which will be ready to eat in a few weeks’ time!

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