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Friedman Fisheries 2017 Salmon Report

Hello to all of my salmon customers and friends, legacy and new. We are returned home from the 2017 fishing season up at our fish site in Alaska, all rested up by now, and settled in. I’ve been sitting on my Report of the 2017 Salmon Season for several days, going back through and polishing it up and I think it’s in pretty good shape. I hope you enjoy it.
I have also revised my Salmon Information and Recipe Book.
If you have saved a copy in the past, I suggest you delete that one and save this new copy. New customers may also want to save this copy for future reference. Many of your questions can be answered by checking out the Table of Contents and clicking on the correct page – but any customer is always welcome to call or write to me with any question you might have.
The Flow Chart on Page 5 lists all the different product forms and the cost of each. No doubt that is the most frequent question I get! But please call or write to me with any question you may have – that is one of the services I provide, which you will not get at any store that I know of.
We’ve got a decent home pack of 9,400 lbs., down from the past 2 years but still our 3rd largest home pack in the 28 years I have been bringing home salmon to sell. Much of the decrease is less king salmon, but at 18 boxes of kings that’s still a decent amount. That’s still 8 boxes more than our long-term average of 8-10 boxes of kings.
Sockeye salmon pieces and fillets are down several boxes but we still have a good amount. Dressed salmon and butterflies are at record high amounts, by a little bit. The reasons our home pack turned out the way it did are explained in the Report. Remember, every season is different and not necessarily consistent with prior seasons, in terms of opportunities to process salmon to bring home. We always do the best we can.
We have a new product form this year, sockeye salmon belly strips, and you can read about this in the Report, and also in the Information Booklet Flow Chart.
My salmon arrived in Seattle earlier this week, but for some reason (they’re busy with other stuff?) they are not going to get to my container before next week. Therefore, I expect my salmon to arrive in Baltimore the week of September 11th, which to be honest is more or less right on time. I will contact all of you as usual when I am ready to go.
I hope everyone is well, and hungry for salmon. For Noris and I, it’ll be 1 1/2 months without before we dive into our new home pack. You know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Right?
Take care everyone. Avi

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