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Recycling and Minimizing Plastic Use at Good Gracious Gardens


~Collect these containers for seedling reuse~

Once again, I’ll be offering vegetable and herb seedlings for sale through the Valley Co-op this spring.  And, once again, I’d like to re-use your yogurt cups and other plastic cups/containers for potting my seedlings!  Plastic in the environment is such a serious hazard to wildlife, and I’m more committed than ever to NOT using any new plastic in my business and, as much as possible, in my life.  So, please bring to the Co-op your empty (and rinsed out, please!) 6-oz yogurt cups, as well as other containers that are of similar size or larger — such as 6- to 16-oz drink cups, and plant pots that are at least as big as a yogurt cup.  (The small “6-pack” plant containers you buy at Lowe’s, for example, are a bit too small for me to use.  See photo for guidance.)  I urge you to minimize your own purchasing of plastic containers and packaging – but as long as we have some plastic in our lives, at least we can re-use, and then recycle, it!  Here’s some motivation: (a beautiful and heartbreaking short film) and (just say NO to plastic straws!)  THANK YOU! – Mary

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