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Meet New Supplier: Smoky Bend Farm

fogSmoky Bend Farm in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia is a small family run farm, nestled in a gooseneck of Sleepy Creek. Our namesake comes from the wispy fog that regularly rises from the creek water. Farmers Jared and Rich have a passion for delicious, local food that is sustainably produced. This isn’t your standard grocery store fare!IMG_1769

mulch layerAt Smoky Bend, we have implemented a variety of techniques that allow us to grow produce while reducing the impact on the environment. In our fields, we minimize tillage whenever possible and cover exposed soil to prevent erosion. We build soil fertility through cultivation of the appropriate cover crops. Insect pests are managed using floating row covers as a physical barrier as well as labor intense hand picking. By growing disease resistant crop varieties that are adapted to our climate, we eliminate the need for synthetic chemicals to control pests or disease.

pig2Our heritage hog crosses have been carefully selected so they can fully utilize our pasture/woodland areas to forage for nuts, seeds, berries, roots and grasses through the year. Our animals are never confined inside and never see concrete. Because of our humane and environmentally sustainable growing methods, Smokey Bend pork is lean and flavorful.

IMG_1784As part of our conservation efforts, we’ve replaced three acres of overgrown scrubby woodland, filled with invasive plants, with native meadow plants. These meadow plants bloom all growing season supporting a variety of native pollinators, butterflies, and other wildlife. We’ve partnered with the West Virginia’s Natural Resource Conservation Service to permanently protect the wetlands located on our property and remove invasive species from our wild areas. Even our packaging is environmentally conscious, our delicious produce is packaged in compostable clamshells. We also have biodegradable carry out-bags if needed—no plastic packaging to feel guilty about!

We believe producing delicious food and environmental conservation go hand-in-hand resulting in amazing produce and meat you can feel good feeding to your family.

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