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Reducing single use plastics with Good Gracious Gardens

Regular customers of Good Gracious Gardens can reduce their plastic waste

As part of my campaign to eliminate single-use plastic from my life and plastic pollution from the environment, I’m looking for alternatives to the plastic bags I’ve been using to package the produce I deliver to the Co-op. Plastic bags seem necessary to keep the produce fresh, but using new ones for each customer’s order adds too much new plastic to the recycling/waste stream. So, I’m asking my customers for their help and cooperation. If you think you’ll be buying Good Gracious Gardens produce this season, please bring your own re-used plastic bags to the Co-op, labeled with your name. I’ll pick them up, and I’ll use them to package your next produce order.  (Labeling them with your name is important, since I don’t want to use your bags for someone else’s order . . . just so everyone knows where their bags have been!)  You don’t have to label each bag — just tape a name tag onto the outer bag, and stuff all the other bags inside.

Thank you for helping me reduce plastic pollution! The sea turtles, sea birds, and other critters thank you, too! (And keep on bringing in your used yogurt cups – I’ll re-purpose them as seedling pots next year!)

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