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Welcome New Supplier: Ivy Hill Farm of Smithsburg, MD

ivyhill_logoIvy Hill Orchard, located in Smithsburg, MD, is owned by John S. & Karen J. Martin. With the help of John Timothy (Tim) and John Justin (Justin), they are the long-standing tradition of successful, progressive farming of this land once originally named, “Hospitality”. The farm started with the purchase of a 94-acre parcel in 1850 by a Martin family ancestor. The farm has been owned and operated by the Martin family for 7 generations since its purchase before the Civil War. The Martins offer an interesting summary of their farm’s heritage and its generational ownership. This history, with ancestral photos, is available on their website page “Heritage” :


Currently, Ivy Hill Farm specializes in selling seasonal produce including apples, peaches, and cherries from our own orchard. Their greenhouses are open during the summer season offering flowers and veggies for sale.

Through Valley Co-op, Ivy Hill will be offering fresh apple cider (UV treated), jellies and jams including No Sugar, salsa, different salad dressings, Apple Butter, Different varieties of Apples and Peaches in season.

Ivy Hill Farm utilizes several sustainable farming practices.  They follow an IPPM Program – Integrated Pest and Pollinator Management Program. It is a management strategy designed to control harmful insects, diseases, and weeds using a combination and balance of the following methods: Biological, Cultural, and Chemical. The use of real-time data gathered on site twice a week helps us to make decisions specific and relevant to our farm. (The extra “P” that stands for Pollinator, is new!)

The farm maintains a buffer and stream on the farm that is a habitat for small game. With crop rotation and various cover crops this helps improve the soil quality. The soils are tested annually to ensure and improve the soil quality.fb_icon_325x325

Learn more about Ivy Hill Farm on their website: and Like & Follow them on their Facebook page


Ivy Hill Farm Roadside Market in Smithsburg

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