vc store produce headerOur cooperative consists of individuals and families who join efforts, for our own and our local community’s mutual benefit.

We specialize in locally grown food, organic or natural pantry goods, specialty diet items, and selected locally produced nonfood items.  We focus on community involvement and sustainability.  We are a food cooperative (an incorporated  business owned by its members).

The Valley Co-op began operations in southeast Washington County as a food buying club in April 2010. From 2014 to 2016 we operated as a storefront open to the public. In 2017 we went back to a members-only buying club to regroup and apply the many lessons learned.

We’re working to open a store again, this time capitalized by our community and working together with the City of Hagerstown. We’re following the tried and tested Food Cooperative Initiative Model.

For us, building and growing Valley Co-op is a logical and fun way to turn our passion into action, while enabling our families to eat well!

Driven Mostly by Volunteers, the Valley Co-op:

  • Encourages wholesome foods, and healthy eating within the community.
  • Supports and promotes local farmers and suppliers as an additional economic outlet.
  • Provides an alternative retail source of healthy food for our community.
  • Supports non-toxic and sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Reduces, reuses, and recycles.
  • Educates our community in the above principles.
  • Provides complete transparency of its co-operative practices and supporting suppliers.

If you are curious about our co-op, please subscribe to our newsletter, visit us when we are open, or contact us if with any questions. Then, don’t forget to join us!