Our People

Our co-op is owned and driven by our members.  The annual membership fee of only $35 allows you to be a part of the buying club and helps us to operate for the benefit of the entire community. Please spread the word!

Our Board 

  • Michael Evans (acting President)
  • John Goepel
  • Melanie Sumpter
  • Peter Johnson ( Secretary)
  • Laurie Waltz

Buying Club Operations

  • Cori Rohrer (Manager)
  • Susan McCarthy (Assistant Manager)
  • Tammy Fraser (Bookkeeper)
  • Cliff Lane (Technology)

Volunteer Teams

  • Valley Co-op Vision Workgroup – meets Mondays 6:00 pm at the Market. Enter through the back alley door.

Teams on Hold During Transition

  • Marketing and Outreach
  • Member Services
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Education and Newsletter
  • Outreach and Events
  • Technology
  • Graphic Design & Website

All teams accommodate working from home / making your own hours. If you wish to work in a team please email volunteer@valleycoop.org and tell us what you’d enjoy doing. Your request will be forwarded to the specific person in charge.

March 2017: More than 250 Members