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Sharing Our Love of Healthy Food and Community

Valley Co-op is pleased to partner with Potomac Case Management Services of Hagerstown in their efforts to improve quality of life and independence for individuals in Washington County. In this season of giving, Valley Co-op solicited its members and food … Continue reading

Paleo and The Valley Co-op

A few newsletters back, I wrote a blog post about how I lost more than 50 lbs (and still going) by changing my eating habits and activity level. My health resurgence wasn’t achieved by crash-dieting, excessive exercise or strict elimination. It … Continue reading

Introducing “Nanny Meal” – a complete nutritional drink for kids

I thought Naturopathic School wouldn’t be too difficult. How hard could it be to learn about plants and food?  Five years and a total of 11 years of college later, I have a little more grey hair and have learned … Continue reading

Paleo on Vacation

I just came back from the beach! It was a family vacation – two condos filled with immediate and extended family – that took us about eight hours away from the Hagerstown area. We had grand ambitions about eating and … Continue reading

Some Buzz on DIY Cold Brewed Coffee

The latest buzz in the coffee world is cold-brewed coffee. I first heard of cold-brewed coffee about 15 years ago but after a short but frenzied period of hype, cold-brewed coffee’s 15 minutes of fame passed. Now with many coffee … Continue reading

Avian Flu Not Likely to Effect Co-op

The Valley Co-op so far is unaffected by the Avian Flu outbreak and scare, and expects to remain so. Unlike in other cities across the nation, or even at other farm markets or stores within our own community, the Valley … Continue reading

Can’t Get Kids to Eat Healthy Snacks? Try These

Healthy Snacks for Kids (and Adults!) Kids love to snack, but too often will reach for a bag of something with too much added sugar and/or salt. Here are a few easy recipes and tips* for getting your kids to … Continue reading

Valley Co-op Gifts of Thanks and Contribution!

Collectively or individually, many items at the Valley Co-op make great host/ess gifts or contributions to a gathering! Whether ordering or purchasing at the store, you will have at your fingertips products to tempt taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing … Continue reading

Just what is National Bulk Foods Week?

My first experience buying bulk foods was in Giant Supermarket in Arlington, VA during the early-mid 1980s. Moving into my own small apartment with minimal cabinet space, I remember finding the bins of bulk food offerings a welcomed surprise. Kitchen … Continue reading

Why Eat Local?

The Maryland Department of Agriculture website declares July as the perfect month to “dedicating yourself to buy and eat local.” Many may take this to mean purchasing your groceries from your local grocery store.  This certainly supports a local economy, … Continue reading

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