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Ideas, sources to recycle items in our local area.

Recycling and Minimizing Plastic Use at Good Gracious Gardens

~Collect these containers for seedling reuse~ Once again, I’ll be offering vegetable and herb seedlings for sale through the Valley Co-op this spring.  And, once again, I’d like to re-use your yogurt cups and other plastic cups/containers for potting my … Continue reading

VC’s Terracycling, Recycling & Helping the Community in 2015

If you have yet to notice the Terracycling bins at Valley Co Op, take a look the next time you come to the store. Through the Terracycling program we have diverted trash from the landfill and raised $179.22 in funds … Continue reading

Taking the next step to reduce waste: Charging for bags

One goal of Valley Co-op’s new store is to minimize the amount of waste we produce and contribute to various waste streams. Its not enough to simply recycle (See What We Recycle In Store), but to make choices to eliminate … Continue reading

Recycling at the VC Store

Reducing our store’s contribution to landfills and other waste streams is one goal of Valley Co-op.  We encourage our members to choose reusable containers and bags over options that may not be reusable, or worse recyclable. The following can be … Continue reading

Packing a Trash-free Lunch

So how trashy are you?…and your kids?  Did you know that the average American kid’s lunch produces 67 pounds of trash each school year! Unfortunately, the American lifestyle of “busy-ness” and convenience is costing family’s more money than they think … Continue reading

Reducing Valley Co-op Waste – new bag labels

Analyzing our waste doesn’t sound like a fun job, but by paying attention to what we toss we can reduce our contribution to the quickly filling landfills and possible reduce our expenses.  At our pickup location, Valley Co-op produces very … Continue reading

Making your Home Paper-free

One of my least favorite aspects of using so many paper products is the endless cycle of running out, driving to the store, buying these (not very eco-friendly) products, and bringing them home just to throw them out again! It … Continue reading

Start Gathering your Recyclables for GreenFest!

Posted on by Susan

Unusual and Hard-to-Recycle Items are accepted On Saturday May 11th, the Boonsboro GreenFest will host a Recycling Zone where you can dispose of many of your hard-to-recycle items in one location.  Start gathering up your stuff! Here is the updated … Continue reading

Reusable fabric microwave bags for potatoes and corn!

Posted on by Susan

Carol Britt of Slice of Heaven will be offering reusable fabric “bags” for microwaving potatoes and corn through the Valley Co-op.   The bags come in two sizes: 12″x8″ and 13″x11″; they are made of cotton material and fiber batting. … Continue reading

Considering compostable dinnerware for your guests? A “4R” tip

Sure, we all know that disposable plastic is bad: filling our landfills, leaching unknowns into our bodies, being misrepresented as food to animals. Styrofoam, worse yet…made of petroleum products with benzene and chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s).  Got it.  But most of us … Continue reading

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