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Ideas, sources to recycle items in our local area.

Items to return/recycle at Valley Co-op

Posted on by Susan

**updated 9/10/13, originally published 10/2/12 A few reminders that there are many things members can return for credit or simple recycling at Valley Co-op. gently used jigsaw puzzles and board games for SanMar – October 2012 only! Read more here. … Continue reading

VC to reduce plastic storage bag use – another “4R” tip

In the spirit of the 4Rs (“Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle”), Valley Co-op is rethinking its use of plastic storage bags.  Many people reuse their storage bags, in some places you can even recycle them, however we have been requested … Continue reading

Recycling Opportunities in WashCo – September

During September, Volunteer Washington County and WashCo Government will be partnering collect and recycle rechargeable batteries.  All rechargeable batteries as well as battery packs from cell phones, cameras, laptops, and power tools will be collected at the following battery collections … Continue reading

Stop unwanted mail and catalogs

Posted on by Susan

More on the 4-Rs (Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recyling) Previously we told you how to stop all those print telephone books from filling your mailbox. Want to do more to “rethink” the amount of waste you produce?  Now you can tell … Continue reading

Don’t forget about TERRACYLING!

Posted on by Susan

Through our current efforts in the Terracycling program, VC members have raised almost $150 recycling what would otherwise end up in the landfill. Valley Co-op has donated $50 to San Mars Children’s Home and $50 to Washington County Habitate for … Continue reading

Opt-out of Phone Books & adopt the 4Rs

Posted on by Susan

How trashy are you? Have you adopted the 4-Rs in your life, rather than the “3”: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle? “Rethinking” means to reconsider the choices you make prior to acquiring something.  What will be the fate of the … Continue reading

Boonsboro Passes Curbside Recycling

On Monday, April 2nd, the Boonsboro Town Council approved curbside recycling for Boonsboro residents.  Recycling will be available every other week, starting on July 1st, through the Allied Waste contract.  The cost of the recycling service will be covered under a … Continue reading

Recycling Tip: Recycling Plastic Bags

The first thing to remember when you need to recycle something is that it can be done. In the age of information, knowledge is never more than a click away. There are wonderful websites dedicated to recycling, a wonderful example … Continue reading

Terracycling News

Terracycling is ending it’s home storage collection.  Unfortunately we will no longer be collecting zip lock bags for recycling.

Recycling Tip: Milk Cap Collection

Posted on by Susan

Using the glass milk bottles keeps trash out of the landfill, but what about the disposable plastic milk caps? Now you can bring those caps to the GreenB for a good cause.  Co-op member, Loretta M is collecting the milk … Continue reading

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