How to Order Online

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To order online, you must be a Buying Club member. Here’s how it works:

The Order Cycle

Every week our store manager updates our product list of all supplier goods available that cycle, which can be viewed here.  Ordering via our online VCShop system opens every Saturday at 6 pm and closes on the following Monday at 10 pm.

To remind you, our weekly newsletter usually goes out on Saturday late afternoon, and you may opt-in to receive a text message shortly before the order closes on Monday evening. To do so, text the word ‘valleycoop’ to 33222. You can opt-out and rejoin at any time.

You may pick up everything you order by Monday evening on the following Thursday between 3 pm and 8 pm, and Friday between 3 pm and 6 pm.  Saturday pickups will begin in May. The store is not responsible for the quality of items not picked up.

To order online members visit VC Shop and Open a Shopping Basket. Select a product list from your Shopping panel and add your desired items to your cart. Check out this video which explains step-by-step how to order online:


Gathering & Sorting

By Thursday at 2 PM, suppliers or volunteers deliver ordered items to our store. The items are then sorted in preparation for the member pickup, identifying each with the member’s name.

Pickup Days

On pickup days (Thursdays 3-8 PM and Fridays 3-6 PM) don’t forget to bring your reusable bags! Drop off your Trickling Springs bottles with the cashier, who will credit your account for  bottle deposits. Go to the Member Pick-up Area and tap on your name on the computer. A printout of your online order will be generated, which will help you remember what you pre-ordered and expedite checkout (the cashier will simply scan the bar codes).

Collect your ordered items (ask for help from staff to find them). Head to the cashier and pay with cash, a check made out to Valley Co-op, or a credit card. (We LOVE not having to pay credit card fees if you pay with cash or check!)

Please read our Terms Of Service prior to ordering using our online system.