Member Benefits

There are many advantages to becoming a Valley Co-op Buying Club member! Becoming a member means you get to order what you want, when you want, with no minimum order requirement. You also get to take advantage of many more perks like those below:

  • Convenience – Enjoy one-stop shopping access to local dairy, produce, meats, some fish, and a variety of natural foods and products at our pickup location.
  • Food Knowledge – Know where your food comes from, how it was raised, and meet many of the people who produced it (check out our  VC Sales & Suppliers Guidelines).
  • Build Your Community – Participate in a community that cares about healthful food choices, make like-minded friends, and learn more about your food and health.
  • Build Your Co-op – Have access to products for special dietary choices, such as gluten-free and have a say in what YOU want your local grocer to carry. Vote in the Co-op elections and participate in surveys to help further the Co-op’s mission.

Benefit our community with your Valley Co-op Buying Club membership:

  • Keeping it LOCAL! – Keep money in our local community by supporting local farmers, local businesses, and local resiliency; Strengthen a business that you and other local members own
  • Encourage Sustainability – Promote small farms that use time-tested sustainable practices; Reduce carbon footprint in obtaining products

The nonrefundable annual membership fee costs $35, and includes all persons in your immediate household.   If you have questions or concerns about the fee, please talk to us.

Suppliers are not required to pay a membership fee unless they wish to shop.

If you want to learn more or are ready, join our co-op today! If you are a supplier, you are welcome to apply for supplier membership as well!