August FREE Saturday Events at the Co-op Market

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August 5th “What the Health” movie screening and free popcorn, 9:30

Aug 12 Kids Zone Fun- face painting, corn hole, crafts, balloons 9am-12pm. **Volunteers needed. Please contact the Store Manager for info**

Aug 19 Recycling Day- Bring your batteries (sealed lead acid, car, truck or motorcycle, nicad or lithium) and shoes- all kinds! More recycling options may be added. Stay posted!

Aug 26 Pickling Demo- see the pickling process in action and get your pickling questions answered! Read more here…

Valley Co-op Practical Workshop: Fermenting, Part I – PICKLING Aug. 26th at the Co-op Market 9-12

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In this practical workshop, participants will learn why fermentation is and always has been important to human survival. We’ll point out the value of a healthy intestinal bacterial community, or microbiome, and how consuming fermented products can promote a healthy, disease-resistant microbiome.

Part I will focus on one of the simplest techniques for preserving food by fermentation: PICKLING.  We’ll have several stations showing how to make Fermented Dill Pickles: A basket of fresh pickling cukes, several large canning jars packed with cukes, garlic, dill heads, and a few grape leaves (for crispness), a pitcher full of brine (with measured amounts of salt and water), and a batch of pickles actively fermenting (showing bubbles).

Participants and passers-by will be able to ask questions and make comments on this process – if YOU have a favorite pickle recipe to share, bring it and share it! We’ll also have copies of at least one book on pickling that our Fermenters have found useful

For those who want to PICKLE THAT DAY: Bring a few quarts of small pickling cucumbers and enough large (quart or half-gallon) clean canning jars with fresh lids. We’ll provide locally-grown garlic, dill, and grape leaves, as well as Pickling Salt. Walk through the process with our Pickler-in-Chief, and take home your own creations which will be ready to eat in a few weeks’ time!

FREE SATURDAY EVENTS at the Co-op Market

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July 8th Free Popcorn and videos
Grab a bag of free popcorn to view two short videos. The first features animated infographics demonstrating just a few of the social, economic, and environmental impacts that food co-ops have on their local communities. The second video is a 10-minute presentation featuring interviews with co-op organizers, shoppers and supporters.

July 15th Meet Julie Higgins, Certified Health Coach
Julie Higgins, a certified Health coach, will be doing a talk about the amazing benefits of eating local & fresh at the Valley co-op in Hagerstown!J

You’ll learn about why it’s so important to eat local and increase numerous health benefits! Also you’ll learn about GMO’s and how they affect the body, how eating local fruits and vegetables are higher in nutrients, preserve and protect the environment and support local farms. Come on by the Co-op on Saturday, July 15th from 9:30a-11:30a and experience the great advantages of supporting your local co-op while doing your health a favor!

July 22nd  FREE Yoga at your Co-op!
Aaron Clayton is a certified yoga instructor and completed his 500 hour yoga teacher training through the Kaivalya Yoga Method. He holds an M.A. in English from Middlebury College and is completing a Ph.D. in English at the State University of New York at Binghamton. He is an Associate Professor of English at Frederick Community College, where he also teaches hatha yoga for the faculty.

July 29th Sarno & Hess LIVE
Introducing Sarno & Hess live at the Co-op 9:30-11:30 am

Yoga moved to Saturday Morning Yoga at the Market

AaronClaytonAaron Clayton is a certified yoga instructor and completed his 500 hour yoga teacher training through the Kaivalya Yoga Method. He holds an M.A. in English from Middlebury College and is completing a Ph.D. in English at the State University of New York at Binghamton. He is an Associate Professor of English at Frederick Community College, where he also teaches hatha yoga for the faculty.

Added perk: Members can pick up their orders immediately after class!

  • Classes will be at 9AM Saturdays at the Market.
  • Cost- $10 for members, $12 for non members
  • 10 class package- $80 for members, $100 for non members.
  • All ages and level encouraged to join us!!
Questions? Email:

Valley Co-op Summer Listening Campaign is now underway

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~first 150 conversations are being scheduled over the next few weeks~

BOD member meeting with memberYou might ask why we are taking time for conversations and the answer is simple, relationships. As we rebuild Valley Co-op, authentic relationships will be the key to success in every stage of development. Meeting face – to – face is the most effective way to start a new relationship or strengthen an existing relationship. The number one reason people give money is because a trusted person asks them to give. The number one reason people attend a meeting or volunteer is that they are asked to participate by a person they trust. Relationships are the key.

Our face–to–face meetings will benefit us in many ways:


  • More customers will shop the online market
  • More people will become permanent owner/members
  • Owner/members will invest in our future by offering personal loans
  • More people will volunteer for co-op activities
  • Annual Meeting attendance will increase
  • More people will attend our Film Nights and Community Workshops

Look for more information about our Listening Campaign in future Valley Co-op newsletters.

Valley Co-op Elections 2017

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voteThe following candidates have submitted applications to serve on the Board of Directors. Term is 3 years, 1/2017- 1/2020.

Please review each candidate’s application prior to voting.


Existing BOD members are Julius Goepp and Susan Rosenberg whose terms are up Jan 2019.

Current members will receive an electronic ballot via email. Please be sure your email address is up to date in the online ordering system.

Voting will be open for one week.  If you have questions about your membership, please contact the co-op manager, Cori Rohrer at

The VC BOD still has up to 3 vacant seats, and encourages any current members to consider becoming part of our Leadership team and contribute to our future development and the realization of our ambitious dreams. If you are interested, please email Julius Goepp at, to receive information on what’s involved. We will hold special elections once we have a slate of well-qualified new candidates.


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CM entrance photo

photo credit: Hagerstown City Market

The dust has settled a bit from the move and we will now offer Saturday hours to our members for order pickups.  The historic City Market is open during this time. Grab a bite to eat and mingle their vendors. Access our space through main Market doors at parking lot.
Read more about the Market’s history and list of vendors.

We’re Moving Today!


City Farmer’s Market sign on top of building

If you’ve missed the news, as of today Valley Co-op buying club’s home is the Historic City Farmer’s Market in Hagerstown! Read the Herald Mail article or watch a short video clip.

Our address: 25 West Church Street, Hagerstown, MD (map)

Times of pickups and deliveries will remain unchanged:
Deliveries 11 AM-2 PM Thursdays
Pickups 3-8 PM Thursdays and 3-6 PM Fridays.

On Saturday May 6 we will be adding Saturday pickup hours 9 AM-1 PM.


Pickups and deliveries will be handled at the back of the building (Market Pl). Valley Co-op’s door will be marked and is in the middle of the building. You may park in the alley off to the side for your delivery or pickup. Please do not block the alley!  If you prefer, you may use the metered parking and walk around the building.

Note: The front doors facing the metered parking area will only be open on Saturdays.

We look forward to seeing you there!


We’re Moving to Downtown Hagerstown!

hagerstown_council_meetingWe are excited to announce that on April 4, 2017, Board of Directors President Julius Goepp signed a 2-year lease agreement with the City of Hagerstown for Valley Co-op to occupy the 2,500 sq ft space in the back of the Historic City Farmer’s Market, located at 25 W. Church St.  Valley Co-op leadership is working closely with City officials on a joint press release providing details about the exciting new public-private partnership.

The move will take place on April 17.  Co-op manager Cori Rohrer does not expect to skip any weekly order cycles unless unforeseen complications arise. The first delivery and pickup cycle at our new location will be on Thursday, April 20. We will post any last minute changes on our Facebook page and via email.

For the immediate future Valley Co-op will continue as a member-only buying club with orders placed online. We will maintain the same pickup hours as currently offered: Thursdays from 3-8PM and Fridays from 3-6PM.  Cori will provide details about pickups and deliveries prior to the move.

Beginning on Saturday May 7, we will start offering regular Saturday pickup hours while the market is open for regular business, from 9AM-1PM.

We will need volunteers to help pack up the store on Saturday, April 15 and volunteers to unpack at the new location on Tuesday April 18 and Wednesday April 19.  Please email if you can help.

Business Update 2/24/17: New BOD and Buying Club Goals

The Valley Coop Board of Directors met in Special Session on 20 February 2017, for several important purposes.

First, the Board welcomed its three new members, John Winger, Michael Evans, and Cliff Lane, who were selected and appointed by the existing BOD, per VC by-laws, and will stand for re-election at the end of their 3-year terms.

These members bring a wealth of experience, ideas, and commitment, and we anticipate their active involvement as the Coop moves into its evolving future.

This brings our active Board membership to six, with one late-announcing candidate shortly to be confirmed, for a total of seven members moving forward.

With this announcement, the nominations for Board members are closed. New elections will be held as seats become vacant, and will follow the usual procedures for nominating and voting by the general membership.

The bulk of the Special Session, which was attended by four BOD members and members of both the Transition Team and the City Market Working Group, was devoted to the short- and intermediate-term issues facing us as a group.

Vince Loflin, who heads the Transition Team, provided an update on the various locations under consideration for locating the Buying Club’s operations. The two leading sites that are available are one in Boonsboro, and another, farther away, on Lehman’s mill road.

However, an appealing alternative may be the use of a portion of space in the City Market in downtown Hagerstown. We are excited to be in very preliminary discussions with City government representatives to explore that possibility, and have high hopes that further discussions might lead to a longer-term, more ambitious collaboration.

Members should check the Newsletter frequently for updates on the Buying Club’s status and potential locations. We must vacate the current Route 40 location as of April 30, 2017.

It is our strong hope that Buying Club ordering and pickup will continue without interruption during this transition period!

Further discussion at the Special Session focused on outlining the medium- and longer-term plans for reestablishing a physical food cooperative in Hagerstown.

The Board unanimously approved efforts to begin this process, which will include weekly planning meetings of the City Market Working Group, initiation of feasibility and market studies, and solicitation of grant funds from a variety of organizations to support this work.

Please note: We intend to follow very carefully the Food Coop Development Model developed by the Food Coop Initiative. Click here to go to the FCI website – we encourage ALL MEMBERS to become familiar with this model, to understand that doing this right will take up to 5 years before doors open anywhere, and to attend our Working Group sessions (Tuesdays at 3:30 on the HCC Campus: please email to let us know of your interest and to get specific directions).

Again, please read this Newsletter regularly to follow what we are doing and to get involved – this is an ambitious project, and a big lift for our community, but we are confident that we can succeed, as do 80% of coops that follow the NCI model.

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